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New Ride Golden Driller At Fraispertuis City In 2017

Created on Saturday, 09 July 2016 11:32
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New Ride Golden Driller At Fraispertuis City In 2017

At the heart of the Vosges Forest lies a village of authentic cowboys on 5 hectares. And a familiar atmosphere which attracts over 40 years visitors to the East of France. Fraispertuis City is a theme park family located in Jeanménil. It offers since 1966 a wide variety of attractions to suit all ages.

This year the Vosges park has invested nearly $ 2 million, of which 600 000 for the new armory of " Bulls Wild " and 1.2 million for the new rock of the " Grand Canyon ", one of the flagship attraction website ( see our article ). In 2017 Fraispertuis City will put the bar very high! And ç'est little to say, since it will offer a new attraction, Golden Driller, the second tower fall of the highest in France!

The name of the attraction Golden Driller was chosen carefully. You should know that it is the name of the highest statue of US fourth which was erected in 1966 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was inaugurated to become a symbol of the International Petroleum Exhibition and pays tribute to the audacity of men in the history of the oil industry. Golden Driller (the Golden driller) therefore offers visitors, testing the attraction of becoming themselves drillers in search of black gold.

Fraispertuis City appealed to the renowned Swiss manufacturer Intamin to develop with them the most sensational project in the history of the park a kind of drop tower Giant Drop of 66 meters high which will offer visitors a free fall of up to 90km / h.

The number 66 is symbolic since it is a wink evident to 1966, the year of creation of the park.

The attraction was developed to offer 4 visitor experiences by changing the seating system on each side of the tower; a nacelle in standard seating position, a nacelle seated with tilt effect, a nacelle without ground position and a nacelle while standing on platform.

The construction of Golden Driller will start from the first days of park closes in September 2016 for a scheduled opening from the start of the 2017 season.



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